Santos Uy Takes on Sausages, Sundays at Mignon

Knackig Photo: Knackig

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly cram another sausage down your throat, news hits that Santos Uy, the owner behind Papilles and founder of Bacaro, is springing a new Sunday sausage concept on the patio of his Downtown wine bar, Mignon. Teamed with Infinity Exports manager Kevin Stuart, the place is named Knackig, Hun shorthand for the snap of a sausage. Uy disses the scheisse out of Wurstkuche in a press release, saying, “While there are good places out there, we felt the need to bring a really authentic option to Downtown.” Oh, knackig! No, he didn’t…

To remedy the situation, his new spot will grill four varieties, offering bratwurst, kasekrainer, knackwurst, and if you can handle it, a Polish kielbasa. The buns are local, there will be sauerkraut and rotkraut, and the potato salad is made by Papilles chef Tim Carey, served with two Kraut beers and Austrian and Jerry wine from 11:30 to 4:30 P.M. every Sunday, with Saturday hours to be added in October. Sunday’s launch will offer free sausages to the first 50 guests.

Knackig, for anyone not yet knackered of wurst, starts Sundays at Mignon, 128 E. 6th St. Downtown.

Santos Uy Takes on Sausages, Sundays at Mignon