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Killer Chef Tries To Rep Himself in Court, Haunted By Yelp Reviews

“Melting Pot” jokes abound Photo: KTLA

Not exactly the best week in court for David Viens, the Lomita chef on trial for killing his wife. First, it came out that he previously confessed to boiling his beloved for four days then sent her remains down his restaurant’s grease trap, following the evening when he accidentally offed her, in a story that raced around the world. Now the man is doing it Mitt Romney-style, trying to reboot while his trial hits the home stretch. Viens tried to fire his lawyer yesterday and handle the case himself, a request the judge wisely denied. Not one to sit idly by, Viens staged his own objection following the final testimony, springing up out of his wheelchair and shouting, “Your honor, I object,” because really, who hasn’t wanted to do that?

In other guy-who-cooked-his-dead-wife-can’t-catch-a-break news, Viens’ recently revealed admission is not sitting well with Yelpers and the UrbanSpoon audience, who have curiously taken to the closed restaurant’s entry to sound off on Viens.

HuffPo shows a torrent of bad reviews including one from a woman who sold Viens space for an extension of Thyme Contemporary Cafe, alleging that he showed off his now-famous temper when she confronted him about making payments. Others aren’t so subtle, saying things like, “Heard they are going to rename it The Meting Pot.” Uh, yeah, real funny. Way to kick a pyscho-killer when he’s down, dudes.

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Killer Chef Tries To Rep Himself in Court, Haunted By Yelp Reviews