House Style

House Style: Jezebel
Jezebel. Photo: Melissa Hom

Glamorous and kosher aren’t usually words that appear in the same sentence, but Jezebel, which opened a few months back in Soho, is trying to change that. As co-owner Henry Stimler tells us, “The only restrictions we have are in the kitchen.” That means hostesses have the freedom to wear whatever they want, and the staff uniforms cut a smart profile — all in the hopes that they’ll inspire customers to do the same. So far, it’s working: Jezebel has quickly become one of the most fashionable restaurants in the city, making it the ideal candidate for our latest edition of House Style.

The restaurant even has a “muse” of sorts: 62-year-old stylist Tziporah Salamon, who graces the bar area greeting customers several nights a week, always in a different fabulous outfit. (As you’ll see ahead, she’s into costume changes.)

So, in honor of the end of Fashion Week and the imminent High Holidays, check out our slideshow straight ahead.

House Style: Jezebel