RIP Jack Radlo, Egg Champion

Brown eggs: a local specialty.
Brown eggs: a local specialty. Photo: istockphoto

Affable Jack Radlo, the guy who popularized the “Brown Eggs are Local Eggs and Local Eggs are Fresh” jungle, has died at 87 of Parkinson’s disease, reports the Globe. He’s being eulogized as the “gentle general” of food safety. Plus, he really liked brown eggs.

Radlo was president of the New England Brown Egg Council (if you didn’t know, brown eggs are unique to New England). His children remember him as “passionate about the egg industry,” talking eggs even up until the day he died. “He gave us safer eggs, fresher eggs, and tastier eggs in New England,” the Globe writes. Hopefully he lived long enough to appreciate this video.

Radlo Foods Chairman Championed Brown Eggs from New England [Globe]
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RIP Jack Radlo, Egg Champion