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Hu Kitchen Bringing a Yogurt Bar and ‘Preindustrial’ Food to Union Square Later This Month

Hu dat?
Hu dat? Photo: Hu Kitchen

The yogurt-bar craze is taking off in a big way: You’ll recall Dannon and Chobani are opening Manhattan shops, and soon health-oriented Hu Kitchen — “hu” is short for “human” — will open a two-story market and restaurant (that includes, yes, a yogurt bar) at 78 Fifth Avenue, just below 14th Street.

What to expect: a fresh yogurt bar, of course, and toppings that range from fruit to nut butters to chocolate. In addition to the yogurt, fuller dishes will be based on a “preindustrial diet,” including wild seafood and vegetarian options. According to the café’s Facebook page, the spot will be an “upscale, fast-casual, ultra-high quality restaurant and market,” where “every mouthful has been vetted to meet the highest standards, crafted and honed from the synthesis of everything we’ve learned about ancestral diets and nutritional science.”

There’s a friends and family “brand launch party” scheduled for this Thursday*, but the highly designed modern space — outfitted with a mix of wooden logs, stone, and glass — is due to open September 28. The plan is to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner takeout as well as seating on an upstairs balcony. Hu will also feature its own brand of organic coffee.

*This post has been modified to show that the brand launch party is not open to the public.

Hu Kitchen Bringing a Yogurt Bar and ‘Preindustrial’ Food to Union