What to Eat

See the Menu for Guy’s American Kitchen, Dude!

Now that’s a shrimp po’boy. Photo: Egad

Guy’s American Kitchen, Guy Fieri’s 500-seat Times Square feeding trough, opens Monday, dude! — and we’ve gotten our mitts on the menu. Ever tried a pretzel chicken tender? Us neither, but bring it on. We’re not even sure what beer-and-honey porchetta is, but it’s sure tough to choose between that and popcorn chicken wings, bro! Of course, there’s always “the Ringer,” a righteous burger, and some classy lamb chops for your lady, so you won’t look like a salted caramel whiskey fool (that’s a dessert). Scope out the full lineup and some photos straight ahead — it’s off the hook!

Menu [PDF]

Guy’s American Kitchen, 220 W. 44th St., at Broadway; 646-532-4897

See the Menu for Guy’s American Kitchen, Dude!