Getting To Know Elizabeth In Print, Video and Radio

Iliana Regan at Elizabeth.
Iliana Regan at Elizabeth. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Depending on how you look at the food scene, Iliana Regan’s Elizabeth is either the most-watched or the most-under-the-radar opening of the fall. In the conventional sense her Lincoln Square storefront doesn’t have the backing of a well-honed publicity machine, yet the cult she built up doing her One Sister underground dinners is undeniably fervent and, now, spilling over into mainstream media. The most comprehensive and in-depth piece hits newsstands and the internet today: Julia Thiel’s Chicago Reader profile of Regan, an almost mythical figure who can combine back-to-nature mysticism, midwest folksiness and urban profanity in the same sentence, who’s drifted in and out of some of the best kitchens in the city with relatively little conventional experience but an intense personal sense of what she wanted to do with food— and, as her 25-course dinners in her apartment (cooked essentially solo) demonstrated, the iron will to make them happen and delight guests in the process. Along with the article comes video shot by ourselves in the Elizabeth space a few weeks ago, in which Regan gives a little taste of the dishes she makes out of foraged ingredients— and a sense of her own quirky personality at work in the space. You can watch it below. Finally, Regan did an interview yesterday on WBEZ with Louisa Chu focusing on foraging; you can hear it and read Chu’s thoughts on foraging here.

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Getting To Know Elizabeth In Print, Video and Radio