French Quarter Marketplace Owner Accused of Being Totally ‘Over’ The Rainbow

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French Quarter Marketplace has served West Hollywood for 38 years, but was purchased by new owners last year. Now, accusations of homophobia and discrimination could change the way the neighborhood feels about this institution, if proven true. A Judy Garland impersonator named Peter Mac and his collaborator, D.J. Schaefer, saw their show canceled by the restaurant following a nine month run and have taken to Facebook with a press release announcing their move to a new space under the title: “HOMOPHOBIC OR INTOLERANT: YOU DECIDE.”

WeHo News offers the full release, which says the owners were in a tizzy over a photo of Mac dressed as Judy with his legs “slightly splayed,” and also claims owner Michael Faze “stated that they do not want a gay show in the market, nor do they consider themselves to be a gay restaurant.”

In his own defense, Faze cites supper club zoning laws as the reason for the dashed cabaret act and argues that he wouldn’t very well be commanding a restaurant with a drag show in West Hollywood in the first place if the charges were true. Faze also claims he dropped the curtain on Mac and Shaefer because their show petered out after musicians weren’t paid. “They had a very arrogant attitude…and none of the French Quarter staff liked them because of their rudeness,” he tells the paper.

Of course, it’s the food at this place that keeps us from wanting to touch it with a ten-foot pole, but if we know anything about show business, it simply sounds like Judy’s just being difficult to work with (again). In any case, Mila Kunis will be bummed to hear the news.

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French Quarter Marketplace Owner Accused of Being Totally ‘Over’ The Rainbow