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Thorough Fare: Our Nine Favorite Food Streets

Rami's in Brookline
Rami’s in Brookline Photo: Once Upon a Small Boston Kitchen

Yesterday Zagat anointed Boylston Street one of the country’s finest thoroughfares for foodies. The lane is lovely to be sure, but we have a few beloved blocks of our own. Here are our chosen streets: diverse, delicious, and (for the most part) glitz-free. What are yours? Let us know!

Riverside Ave., Medford: Riverside gets points for this luscious trifecta: the phenomenal Tenoch, a casual Mexican place that has killer tortas and sweet service; Chilli Garden, whose honey shrimp is the best in Boston; and tasty Korean courtesy Chung Ki Wa.

Chelsea St., East Boston: A taco-lovers’ paradise, bookended by Santarpio’s pizza and Jeveli’s for old-school Italian. (Guy Fieri hasn’t found it yet, we don’t think.)

Hanover St., North End: Yeah, it’s touristy and crammed, but that’s part of the charm. It helps that it’s home to gems like the Daily Catch, Galleria Umberto, and Pomodoro.

Cambridge St., Inman Square: Tried-and-true. You’ve got Christina’s for fantastic ice cream, Bukowski’s for boozing, All-Star Sandwich Bar for atomic meatloaf, East Coast Grill for spicy seafood, and soon, Will Gilson’s New England-ish Puritan & Co., to name just a few.

Congress Street, Ft. Point: Trillium Brewing Company, Barrington Coffee Roasters, Barbara Lynch’s Drink, Sportello, and Menton; and, just over the bridge, Jody Adams’s Trade. Coming soon: Ming Tsai! What more could we want?

Mt. Auburn St., Watertown: Tantalizing Armenian/Mediterannean markets like Arax and Sevan; all-day breakfast at the Deluxe Town Diner (plus darn fine cheese fries); townie charm at Greg’s; and foolproof vegetarian fare at Red Lentil make this a diverse destination for carnivores, vegetarians, and sleuthy shoppers.

Mass Ave, Arlington: One of the area’s quirkiest suburban streets for food-lovers. You’ve got everything from Persian food at Sabzi, Turkish at Pasha, pizza at ‘Za, family-style Mexican at La Posada, and even an outpost of Little Q Hot Pot. Not too shabby!

Main St., Cambridge: Something for everyone here: Craigie on Main for adventurous diners and visitors who want to eat at the coolest places; Salts for parents and other lovers; Toscanini’s for exceptional ice cream; Cuchi Cuchi for drinking and debauchery; and Pu Pu Hot Pot for ironically named late-night fare.

Harvard St., Coolidge Corner: This street is home to some of our favorite tacos (Dorado); exceptional sandwiches (Bottego Fiorentina); cozy date-night dining (Cognac Bistro); yummy crepes (Paris Creperie); a newish Otto Pizzeria; Rami’s Middle Eastern; a branch of the Daily Catch … plenty of diverse deliciousness crammed into a few short blocks.

Now: What are your faves? Where should we head next?

Thorough Fare: Our Nine Favorite Food Streets