What You Missed at Eat Real 2012
’Twas as crowded as ever.

Oakland’s most popular food event, Eat Real, just finished its fourth annual outing at Jack London Square yesterday, and the street-foodies and food-craft enthusiasts came out in droves. Josh Ozersky kicked off the party on Friday with the first West Coast edition of his roving event Meatopia, and all weekend long there were a bevy of food trucks, BBQ happenings, DIY demos, and a fair bit of beer drinking going on.

Check out our slideshow for a few highlights, including Daniel Patterson’s dishes from Sunday’s Milk-Fed Brunch.

Haven chef Kim Alter prepared this dish for Meatopia, which organizer Josh Ozersky raved about: duck boudin noir with duck confit, cracklings, frisee, liver, heart, duck vinaigrette, and croutons.
The new popsicle vendor was quite popular.
The new Georgian/Chechan food cart from former Meadowood pastry chef Boris Portnoy was serving up several kinds of sandwiches on freshly baked flatbread.
First was this pickled beef tongue sandwich topped with parsley and a Georgian sweet-and-sour plum sauce called tkemoli.
Next was this sausage sandwich with pickled cabbage and slightly spicy sauce.
For the first time this year, there were cocktails in addition to beer and wine.
As always, there were long lines for lobster rolls and chowder from Sam’s ChowderMobile.
Pad Thai
The annual Flying Knives butchery contest.
This year’s big winner of the Flying Knives Butchery Contest was Darren King.
Patterson at work at the Milk-Fed Brunch tent on Sunday morning.
Patterson made this delicious, brothy dish with carrots, milk-poached veal, pasta, and veal meatballs. The meat for this tent all came from Anya Fernald’s new sustainable meat company Belcampo.
Patterson also made this dish of pork confit with fresh pole beans, shell beans, and charred okra, and a padron vinaigrette.
And our parting dish shot: 4505 Meat’s Fat Bastard sandwich, which consisted of pork and beer sausage, house-made sauerkraut, gruyere, market greens, jalapenos, chicharrones, and honey-mustard ranch dressing on an English muffin.
What You Missed at Eat Real 2012