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Dock Street and Four Seasons Are Totally Getting It On With a Lusty and Libidinous Spanish Fly Brew

If the brewery's a'rockin…
If the brewery’s a’rockin… Photo: Dock Street Brewery

If brewing beer together doesn’t make strange bedfellows of West Philly’s Dock Street Brewing Company and the posh downtown Four Seasons Hotel, the latest collaboration from the two just might. You’ll recall that the two began their sudsy tryst last January with a truffle ale, and have since brewed two more for their ongoing Beer Four All Seasons combined effort. For the fourth in that series, which goes by the name Spanish Fly, they’ve taken herbal aphrodisiacs grown in the hotel’s rooftop garden, and added them to create a lusty and libidinous French farmhouse ale.

The beer’s sexy and secret ingredients include aphrodisiacs wormwood, yarrow, and ginger reaped from the hotel’s garden. According to Dock Street’s Rosemarie Certo, the latest collaborative beer was intended to “evoke and inspire love.” Though there’s no guarantee that it will actually give your love life a boost, the spicy and herbaceous qualities the specialty ingredients bring to the party will at the very least arouse your senses.

Spanish Fly will go on tap for one night on Wednesday, September 26 at 6 p.m. at the hotel’s Swann Terrace. After that it will be available in bottles exclusively at the Swann Lounge until supplies run out.

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Dock Street and Four Seasons Are Totally Getting It On With a Lusty and