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Does Change.Org Have an Unhealthy Obsession With In-N-Out?

Why would you want to change this?
Why would you want to change this? Photo: Roland/Flickr

Normally, the phrase “unhealthy obsession” only pertains to mega-popular In-N-Out Burger insomuch as lots of people grab double-doubles far too often. (You could maybe count Grub Street among that group.) But seems obsessed in a different way: Lately, it appears the organization just wants to to change something — anything — about the burger chain’s menu. Two weeks ago, some guy in L.A. was whining about In-N-Out’s lack of a vegan burger, putting pressure on In-N-Out to tailor its menu to the meatless. This week, a new petition is up and harassing the chain to commit to serving 100 percent grass-fed burgers. Can’t these guys stop breathing down a fast-food empire’s neck for a second?

Aaron Zober, the author of the new petition, makes the sound argument that factory beef processing is bad for people and horrible for the environment, pressuring the burger brand to switch to a supplier that only uses 100 percent grass-fed cattle. Some of Zober’s concerns stem from the restaurant’s recent severed ties with a meat supplier accused of some unsavory practices, but, so far, the petition is no barn burner, only racking up 338 online signatures.

Of course, this proposal would be healthier for people, softer on the cows, and good for the planet and all, but it’d obviously mark the end of the chain’s two-dollar cheeseburgers. And who knows how the groovy new beef would alter the taste of Southern California’s iconic burger? As long as the franchise continues to keep pink slime out of its servings and ward off bad suppliers, whaddya say you just let In-N-Out do In-N-Out from here on out,

Does Change.Org Have an Unhealthy Obsession With In-N-Out?