The North End Cannoli Thief Gets His Just Desserts

So worth it.
So worth it. Photo: istockphoto

The hungry, knife-toting Irish tourist who robbed Bova’s at 3 a.m. a few days ago will escape unscathed, if he behaves himself. The lucky burglar won’t have to face trial if he stays out of trouble for nine months and performs 50 hours of community service. Oh, and just one more thing.

Robert McTernan also has to stay away from Bova’s, which seems reasonable enough. Per Universal Hub: “Prosecutors agreed to resolving the case without jail time because the Irish Garda told authorities here that McTernan had a clean record, no one was injured in the incident, the monetary value of the stolen cannoli was not great, and Bova’s agreed to the proposed resolution.”

Good thing he didn’t try to steal from Mike’s!

Alleged Cannoli Thief Has to Fill Time With Community Service [UH]

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The North End Cannoli Thief Gets His Just Desserts