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Bauer Slams Credo With One Star, Calls the Food ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Outré’

He's baffled, basically.
He’s baffled, basically. Photo: Courtesy of Credo

Michael Bauer hasn’t been much of a fan of Credo from the outset, and a new chef hasn’t helped things. He says the popular FiDi restaurant, which is owned by Democratic Party big-wig Clint Reilly and lives at the base of the Merchants Exchange Building, has topped his list of “bizarre meals” in the last two years when he’s paid them revisits. During one recent meal, he watched the chef disappear from the kitchen for an hour, received several “inexpertly prepared” dishes like an “outré” octopus carpaccio, and had a pasta dish totally forgotten by the server, only to arrive late but with “a sheet of melting, crinkled plastic wrap” mixed in with it. The manager tried to comp the meal, but Bauer insisted on paying for his wine, and they sent out free desserts, which were terrible.

He returned for a second visit, which he says was slightly better, but he still had some “rubbery” gnocchetti, and another outré dish of chicken breast and mushrooms wrapped in pastry. “[There’s a] reason that meat wrapped in pastry went out of style decades ago… The meat tasted steamed, the inside of the pastry sticky.” In the end, he downgrades them to one star, and jokes, à la the “I believe” quotes adorning the walls, “I believe I’ve had enough.” [Chron]

Bauer Slams Credo With One Star, Calls the Food ‘Bizarre’ and