Chicken Wars

Another Artist Bombs Chick-fil-A

A “gay bomb” lands in West Hollywood Photo: Plastic Jesus

Manny Castro, the quick-to-confess West Hollywood artivist who painted “Tastes Like Hate” on a Torrance Chick-fil-A last month to protest its despicable donations to anti-marriage equality groups, escaped the clutches of authorities last week without being slapped with a felony charge. He may not even have to tangle with so much as a misdemeanor ticket either, given the insignificant pecuniary repercussions of covering up his crime. Does that mean it’s totally okay to express oneself on the chicken chain’s walls? Don’t press your luck, but nonetheless, another collective of creative types hit Chick-fil-A’s West Hollywood store yesterday with what it’s calling a “gay bomb.”

That is, a six-foot tall fake missile bearing a rainbow-wrapped rocket, made by artists Plastic Jesus, who are also responsible for leaving “love missiles,” harmless installations that look like they’ve crashed into the sidewalk, outside of different stores in the past.

LAist reports that Chick-fil-A removed the sculpture pretty quickly while we get a sinking feeling the empire’s conservative wrath may be much more focused against the N.E.A. than gay marriage in the months to come.

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Another Artist Bombs Chick-fil-A