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What To Eat at Andy’s Thai Kitchen, Open Now

Andy's fish maw salad at TAC Quick.
Andy’s fish maw salad at TAC Quick. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

The space is small, the menu is large. That is our initial impression of Andy’s Thai Kitchen, the new restaurant from Andy Aroonrasameruang, longtime chef of TAC Quick. The five page menu includes everything you would expect— some very Americanized dishes (yes, you can still get that Thai classic crab rangoon), some of the eye-opening authentic dishes that were customary on the specials board at TAC Quick (fish maw salad, basil preserved egg), and maybe a few new things already— though we expect many more are to come. We snapped shots of the menu and put them together in a PDF you can download; the bulk of the more interesting dishes are on page 4 under the heading “Don’t Miss,” but there are other things worth noting scattered about, such as the Crispy On Choy listed under “salads.” Anyway, study and enjoy, and they do deliver.

Andy’s Thai Kitchen [PDF]

Andy’s Thai Kitchen, 946 W. Wellington, 773-549-7821.

What To Eat at Andy’s Thai Kitchen, Open Now