Congratulations to Iron Chef Winner Andrew Zimmerman of Sepia

We were just noting recently how only two of eleven Chicago-based chefs or chef teams to compete on Iron Chef American had ever won (a third was a draw). Well, make that three of twelve now: Andrew Zimmerman of Sepia defeated Marc Forgione in a competition based on cream cheese, with dishes ranging from a take on crab rangoon (served in a takeout container with sauce in a plastic packet) to Indian-spiced lamb with a cream cheese-based raita— plus cheesecake decorated with liquid nitrogen-created cream cheese “snow.” We don’t normally think of Zimmerman as pulling those kinds of Moto-esque jokes on the plate (though since Homaro Cantu is one of the only other Chicago winners, maybe it was a smart approach to take), but the judges were rightly wowed in all departments, from flavor to the styling of the plate to originality. At least we assume so about the flavor— and we, like you, are going to have a chance to find out, as Sepia serves the show’s menu through Friday. It’s $85 for the five course menu, with pairings for another $50. Call 312-441-1920 or make a reservation at the restaurant’s site. And if you missed the episode, it will be on again both Saturday and Sunday, check you channel guide for exact times. The menu is below.

First Course
Rye gnocchi, dill cremeux, pickled lemon, smoked char roe
2008 Királyudvar Pazsgo “Henye,” Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary

Second Course
Lobster rangoon, coconut, curry leaf, lime pickle
2010 Côtes du Jura “Fleur de Savagnin,” Domaine Labet

Third Course
Brandade pierogi, black truffle, Blis elixir
2007 The Scholium Project “Choêphoroi-Los Olivos Vineyard,” Napa Valley

Fourth Course
Tandoori lamb loin, cream cheese “raita,” onion fritter, zhoug
2009 Inama “Più,” Rosso del Veneto

Yuzu cheesecake, blueberry compote, carrot cake ice cream
Walnut crumble, cream cheese icing snow
2010 Riesling “Rotlay-Zeltinger Sonnenuhr” Selbach-Oster, Mosel

Congratulations to Iron Chef Winner Andrew Zimmerman of Sepia