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Albertson’s Cleaning Up On Aisles 1 Through 19

Get used to seeing these
Get used to seeing these Photo: Hattiesburgmemory via Flickr

That is to say, times are tough for this colossal supermarket chain, which is set to shutter 19 stores in Southern California, part of its parent company Supervalu’s plan to slough off 60 national stores in the coming months. Following the shutter of a Culver City location in August, Albertson’s is eying its next potential victims in Glendale, Long Beach, Riverside, and Anaheim. So why are things suddenly looking so rough for one of the big three?

The L.A. Times cites the growing popularity of people shopping at big box arenas like Target, 99-Cent Store, and Wal-Mart, plus the general feeling that Albertson’s is a little gully and grody compared to those dashing rakes, Von’s and Ralph’s. If it’s to survive, Albertson’s may need to consider ditching its meandering tangle of Cocoa Puff soda and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cereal for some Strauss Creamery milk and self-grinding bottles of sea salt, as studies show that the demographic that’s not in love with the 99-Cent store is much more likely to be found at Trader Joes, Fresh & Easys, and Whole Foods. Thats the breaks, Albertson’s.

Albertsons store closures show industry’s travails [LAT]

Albertson’s Cleaning Up On Aisles 1 Through 19