First Look at Tout Sweet, Yigit Pura’s First Patisserie
It’s pretty cute, we have to say.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold what is sure to be the favorite place for ladies to commiserate with their girlfriends after being broken up with or laid off. Top Chef: Just Desserts winner and pastry world darling Yigit Pura is about to open his first solo venture, and it’s called Tout Sweet. It’s a partnership with Taste Catering the company where he’s worked for several years, and it’s sleek, colorful home is on the third floor of Macy’s, overlooking Union Square. Pura worked with architects Tecta Associates to design a patisserie inspired by the playful, modern spaces of Parisian patisseries like La Patisserie des Rêves in the seventh arondissement, where he just visited in the spring.

The pastries are equally playful, brightly colored, and unique, with items inspired by Pura’s favorite artists like Jean-Paul Gaulthier and Lady Gaga and twists on tradition like chocolate and confit orange macarons, and Negroni-flavored pâtes de fruits.

And after a press preview last night, we can’t recommend enough his sea-salty, delicious chocolate-chip cookies.

The official opening date is September 8, but Pura hinted that there may be some sneaky soft-opening days next week, so be on the lookout if you’re in and around Union Square.

Tout Sweet Patisserie - Macy’s Union Square, Third Floor - Opening September 8

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Take a Tour of Paris Through Yigit Pura’s Eyes

Pura says he wanted to model the spare, colorful shop after his favorite Parisian patisseries, like La Patisserie des Rêves and Ladurée. He worked with architects Tecta Associates to create a clean, white, modern space that punctuated with bright colors.
Also on the beverage menu there will be champagne and wine with which to wash down all that delicious sugar.
Some seating directly overlooks Union Square.
Pura putting the finishing torches (heh) on some candies.
These helmet-shaped petit gateaux are dubbed The Fifth Element after the movie. Their filled with raspberry cream and a rose-tea-infused cream, and Pura explains that he was inspired by the film, The Fifth Element, and the costumes by Jean-Paul Gaulthier, as well as the overt femininity of much of his designs. “You know me, I’m a little crazy,” says Pura. “I don’t know how I think this stuff up.”
Pate de fruits will be offered in several flavors, including Negroni.
These little confections take their inspiration from Lady Gaga’s fashions, and her “little monsters.”
Pura will be offering packaged goodies to take home as well, including collections of his colorful macarons. All the branding and packaging design was done by East Bay-based Juli Shore.
First Look at Tout Sweet, Yigit Pura’s First Patisserie