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Will Gilson’s Bridgestreet Will Become Puritan & Co., But No Hard Feelings Toward West Bridge

Will Gilson: Puritan Pride
Will Gilson: Puritan Pride

Chowder reports today that Will Gilson’s forthcoming restaurant underwent a name change: Instead of Bridgestreet, his new Inman Square restaurant henceforth will be known as Puritan & Co. “The new name reflects a slight thematic change of the restaurant, as well as hints to the space’s former life as the Puritan Cake Company in the early 1900s,” they report. Gilson e-mailed Grub Street to say that he also doesn’t want his restaurant to be confused with the new, lauded West Bridge, run by his friends over in Kendall Square.

“I have a lot of respect for Alexis at West Bridge, and want you to know this first and foremost. I pride myself on being an outstanding member of this local and tight restaurant community, and that is why I am going to change the name of my restaurant before we open. Bridgestreet will now be known as “Puritan & Company.” I have made this decision based on some historical notes of the building that have come to light, as well as the fact that before we even open, folks are getting the two places confused. This isn’t fair to Alexis and her team, or myself and my team. I want to give my first ‘real’ restaurant every change of success that I possibly can. I also want to prove to my peers, who I respect greatly, that I am will to do whatever it takes to honor them and how hard they have worked to get to the place where I now have the privilege of doing myself,” Gilson writes.

Makes sense to us! Chowder notes that Puritan & Co. will also shift focus a bit to celebrate their New England heritage and do it in a “fun way, whether that be hardtack crackers or New England dishes like Indian pudding.” Yum! Best of luck, Goodman Gilson, on your October opening!

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Will Gilson’s Bridgestreet Will Become Puritan & Co., But No Hard Feelings