Todd English

Todd English Seeks Someone to Operate a ‘Profitable’ Restaurant

Lawsuits and other woes be damned: Todd English’s empire is expanding, dammit, and he’s hiring! Dust off your resumes and sharpen your knives, aspiring chefs.

Sadly, the job to be filled isn’t located at his dreamy namesake oyster farm, but it does have its perks: “The Chef is responsible for operating a profitable restaurant, where the quality of food, service and ambience are continually challenged and improved, and where an environment that fosters creativity, free thinking and intelligent decision-making is encouraged,” reads the Craigslist ad.

In addition to these responsibilities, the hopeful applicant should also have a “natural cooking ability.”

We can only speculate that the restaurant in question is Olives…unless Todd plans to open an oyster bar or something?

Todd English Enterprises Chef (Boston, MA) [CL]
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Todd English Holds Court at Olives

Todd English Seeks Someone to Operate a ‘Profitable’ Restaurant