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Thomas Keller Fantasizes About Lunch at In-N-Out

22 years later and still dreaming...
22 years later and still dreaming… Photo: Deborah Jones

Southern Cali native Thomas Keller sounds off on his favorite L.A. restaurants this week for Food GPS, which reminds us he was working at Downtown’s Checker’s before taking his bindle north to open French Laundry, which worked out pretty well for the guy. For breakfast, the self-professed history buff prefers ancient Nate ‘N Al’s, and for dinner, he nails a solid list of L.A. innovators and greats, stewing a hearty mix of Puck’s places with some Joachim Splichal, Capo, Nancy Silverton, Gino Angelini, Nobu, and Melisse, with a few dashes of Jordan Kahn and Jon and Vinny to up the flavor.

Keller says he mostly skips lunch (join the club), but in his wildest fantasies, he’d “probably go to In-N-Out Burger,” which he hasn’t had since 1990. The burger joint “always had a real special place in my heart,” he says. Keller will be at The L.A. Times’ “Taste” festival next weekend, you know, just in case you feel like bringing dude a Double-Double. [Food GPS]

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Thomas Keller Fantasizes About Lunch at In-N-Out