Chicken Wars

Tart Enlists in L.A.’s Chicken Culture War

The GLAAD CHicken Sandwich at Tart
The GLAAD CHicken Sandwich at Tart Photo: Tart

There is no shortage of local fried chicken sandwiches that improve on the main attraction at Chick-fil-A, without, we presume, five-million dollar donations to discriminatory groups. They may cost a bit more, but from quickies at Fundamental L.A. and ink.sack to the blue ribbon holders at Son of a Gun and Canele, all of your needs, breaded between buns, can be satisfied. Even healthy hearts have the “not-so-fried-chicken” sandwich at Mendocino Farms to contend with Chick-fil-A’s grilled version. Yesterday, we spied a new fried chicken sandwich at The Abbey called “Chick-for-Gay,” with proceeds going to fight Prop. 8. Today, Tart at The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel engages its corollary, the “GLAAD Chicken Sandwich.”

The sandwich, as you can probably guess, is the usual fried chicken on a toasted bun with pickle and a “secret sauce.” There’s also a tofu version for the meatless, both npriced at $7.50 per sandwich and also available as part of a “Cluck Off CF” package that includes boozy punch bowls along with ten chicken sliders priced at $50. $1.00 for every sandwich sold goes to GLAAAD to help them fight the big bad, hate-mongering forces of chicken chowdom, while the pro-LGBT organization will get $5.00 from every Cluck U party-pack sold. A dinner choice is also available, with one sandwich and three sides for $15.99.

The sandwich and the specials will be offered through October.

Tart Enlists in L.A.’s Chicken Culture War