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On Iron Chef, Stephanie Izard Learns the Value of Ice Cream Sandwiches

After her Iron Chef America appearance last night, Stephanie Izard had some thoughts about competition and food that she posted on her Facebook page. Click through to read them, but you’ve been warned that if you didn’t watch it, it’s definitely a spoiler about the outcome.

Izard didn’t win, which merely adds her to the long list of Chicago chefs who competed valiantly but didn’t quite make it, which includes Rick Bayless, Rick Tramonto & Gale Gand, Graham Elliot, Art Smith, Paul Virant, Todd Stein, and Takashi Yagihashi; in fact the only Chicago winners ever are Homaro Cantu and Shawn McClain (with Tony Abou-Ganim), while Koren Grieveson beat them to a draw. But as Izard observed, it’s not about winning or losing— it’s about ice cream sandwiches:

iron chef finally aired last night after over a year since filming. i will admit that i was only partly looking forward to it. i was very excited for my sous chefs joe flamm and dave ochs… they have not done anything like it before and were so pumped to watch and share with friends, no matter what the outcome was. i, on the other hand, let my uber competitive side take over and was focusing on the fact that we did not win. but after seeing it, i have learned a lesson. i am an idiot. winning was not what going on iron chef was all about. going in, throwing down and putting out some fun food the way we like like to cook is what it was about. and having fun while we were doing it- that we did.

i was watching thinking “holy crap we made a lot of sh*t in an hour!” congrats to joe and ochs for kicking some serious ass. and congrats to michael symon for being a badass as usual. soufflé?? for reals? damn that looked tasty.

i’m thinking that fried ice cream sandwich is going to have to make an appearance at the goat… a little change up for seasonality with some awesome local grapes to take the place of those teeny tiny strawberries that took me way too long to clean on the show :) so come on by for crispy fluffernuttery goodness later this week!

On Iron Chef, Stephanie Izard Learns the Value of Ice Cream Sandwiches