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Stateside’s George Sabatino Wins Brewery Ommegang’s HopChef [UPDATED]

It looks like George Sabatino, the chef at East Passyunk Ave. hot spot Stateside has done it again. On Saturday, he reigned supreme in Brewery Ommegang’s HopChef competition, which took place during the Belgian beer-maker’s annual Belgium Comes to Cooperstown celebration in upstate New York. In a preliminary round here in Philly back in July, Sabatino trounced the local competition and secured a spot in the big show. This video, which captures the announcement, came across our desk this morning, but we still don’t have a clue what the chef’s winning dish was. We will update as more details emerge. In the meantime, congratulations to Sabatino and the rest of the Stateside crew. Check the video straight ahead.

UPDATE: Per @HahriShin, who posted the above video, Sabatino’s winning dish was capon chicken sausage with white bean puree, mustard made with Ommegang Rare Vos, pickled fennel, and pickled radish. [HahriShin/Twitter]

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Stateside’s George Sabatino Wins Brewery Ommegang’s HopChef