Man Arrested for Fondling Himself at Downtown Starbucks

Those plush chairs sure are cozy, but really? Thirty-year-old Tyler Grace, on probation for a previous indecent sexual assault conviction, allegedly got a bit too comfortable at the Starbucks on School Street.

According to Universal Hub, a 25-year-old Allston woman told Boston Police that she noticed Grace “fidgeting” after he sat in a chair near her. He allegedly smiled, opened his jacket, looked downward, and you know the rest. “He left the coffee shop after the victim went to speak to a manager,” the Hub reports. Grace told police that “the woman sat near him and suddenly became disgusted with him,” which prompted his speedy departure.

Yes, yes, caffeine leads to sex, but this is excessive.

DA: Man charged with fondling self in downtown Starbucks was wearing a GPS device for prior sex-assault conviction [UH]
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Man Arrested for Fondling Himself at Downtown Starbucks