Split Bread Debuts at the Metreon

They do not want your dirty cash.
They do not want your dirty cash. Photo: Thrillist

Speaking of new lunch options in the SoMa environs … Last month we alerted you to the coming of Split Bread, a new sandwich chain from the people who brought you Mixt Greens. Well, they just opened their very first location in the revamped Metreon, at 145 4th Street. What’s the story? They’ve got a menu of high-end sandwiches and salads with nice ingredients, hovering around the ten-dollar mark, and they don’t accept cash. It’s credit/debit only, and like another recently launched chain, The Melt, there are QR codes and an app involved too.

You can order in person from one of the hosts, or by scanning the QR code at any table in the restaurant and punching your order into your smartphone. Eventually, you will also be able to order online, using the website or the Split Bread app, neither of which seems fully functional just yet.

Thrillist has some sandwich photos, if you’re curious. Note: There are house-made cookies and popsicles for dessert.

Split Bread - 145 4th Street at the Metreon - 415-603-2000 - Open daily 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Split Bread [Thrillist]
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Split Bread Debuts at the Metreon