Santa Monica Pier Considers Rooftop Dining

Al Mare
Al Mare Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Snags have set-in for Al Mare, the new double-decker restaurant under construction on the Santa Monica Pier from the owners of Trastevere. The forthcoming Italian plans to raise its roof, build a second story mezzanine, and introduce a third story rooftop patio, details that are butting heads against the pier’s current codes that cap buildings off at two stories.

Now owners are pushing for a change in the rules that would allow commercial businesses to accommodate diners on a third floor, in the hopes that the landmark can expand its dining options upward, without taking up more of the pier’s precious plank-space.

The Santa Monica Planning Commission will consider the new proposal on Wednesday and if approved, all Pier buildings could gain the right to expand to three stories provided the extra space is used solely for rooftop dining, a prospect that could take advantage of the Pier’s unobstructed coastline views and usher in more restaurant projects. [SM Mirror]

Santa Monica Pier Considers Rooftop Dining