Celebrity Settings

Salma Hayek Hits ink.; Vince Neil Takes Shots at Casa Vega

“Tequila!” Photo: Rufusowliebat via Flickr

This week, Salmita Hayek hit the house of Voltaggio, acting kind of shy when the cameras turned their focus her way unlike most of the attention-starved celebs around here. Over in the Valley, Vince Neil kept up his eighties ways though he’s now in his fifties and lacking looks that kill, doing shots at the bar at Casa Vega. Meanwhile, Ryan Phillipe took his two little yard-apes to Roscoe’s, some Formula One guy let his daughters have dinner with Mel Gibson, and Ashton Kutcher shared the branzino with Mila Kunis at Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air, as a solo Lindsay Lohan sipped on some sizzurp. All this and much more in this week’s celebrity settings.

Asanebo: Hardcore ruffian Zac Efron had lunch on Wednesday in his (snicker) Brixton hat. [Just Jared]

Boa: Mel Gibson had dinner with the daughters of Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone, prompting one of the girls to tweet about his changes. [In Auto News]

Casa Vega: The Crüe’s Vince Neil had lunch and took some tequila shots at the bar. Yeah, that’s probably just what that dude needs. [GS]

Cuvee: Carey Mulligan had lunch at the West Hollywood spot with a friend last Saturday. [Celebirty-Gossip]

ink.: Salmita Hayek came to Michael Voltaggio’s place on Thursday night. [Gossip Center]

The Laugh Factory: J. Biebs, bitches! [Just jared]

Mo’s: Dominic Monaghan and Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet hung out with fans after telling them where he’d be after the show on Conan. [Hollywood.com]

Red O: Taylor Laughtner had a hot date. [Just Jared]

Roscoe’s: Ryan Philippe took his kids for some chicken and waffles. [Just Jared]

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air: Last weekend, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared the branzino. Ooooooooh! Lindsay Lohan was also seen sipping drinks. Uh-oh! [GS]

Salma Hayek Hits ink.; Vince Neil Takes Shots at Casa Vega