Can the Red Sox Drink Beer Again?

A few months ago, the news inside the Red Sox clubhouse was grim: No more fried chicken, and certainly no more beer! But that doesn’t mean that crafty players can’t secretly indulge.

According to CNNSE: “[John Lackey] was so busted up after the latest defeat that he was strutting around the clubhouse with a can of Bud Light in each hand, or what is known as ‘double-fisting’ on every college campus in the history of mankind.” Basically, “it was another clear case of some Sox players that just don’t care anymore.”

Because, as any college student would tell you, nothing says ambivalence quite like double-fisting beer.

Haggerty: Signs Are There That Sox Are Giving up on the Season [CSNNE]

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Can the Red Sox Drink Beer Again?