Quincy Turns Down Scantily-Clad, Kilt-Wearing Waitresses

Unholy. Photo: Tilted Kilt

The Tilted Kilt, which as we noted earlier is basically a Scottish-themed Hooters, has been voted down by the Quincy licensing board. According to the Globe, their bid to open was rejected after “hearing from members of the religious community”; the restaurant was going to open dangerously close to St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church. A deacon there called the proposal a “slap in the face.”

A Quincy reverend also said that the restaurant’s ethos is counter to religious teachings and that Quincy residents “would be deeply offended by having this establishment.”

According to their website, the Tilted Kilt ” was conceived to be a contemporary, Celtic-themed sports Pub staffed with beautiful servers in sexy plaid kilts and matching plaid bras.” Per the site, the concept has “broad, far-reaching appeal.” Indeed.

Mass City Rejects Pub With Scantily Clad Staff [Globe]

Quincy Turns Down Scantily-Clad, Kilt-Wearing Waitresses