Popcorn: The New Cupcake?

A Corn & Co. snack mix for Aly Raisman's homecoming rally.
A Corn & Co. snack mix for Aly Raisman’s homecoming rally.

Grub Street hears that gourmet popcorn purveyor Corn & Co. plans to launch next month at the Burlington Mall, and their wares actually sound far tastier than typical mall fare like, say, the Pizzabon. We admit to being slightly tickled by the idea of bite-sized terikayi-, cheesecake-, and pickle-flavored snacks.

Creative people can customize their flavor combinations (who knows where this might lead?) or stick to preordained varieties. And, yes, there is a bacon flavor. The perfect preamble to a night at Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace?

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Popcorn: The New Cupcake?