Meat Madness: A Night at Poe’s Tip Tap Room
Figs, injected with bleu cheese.

Grub Street recently paid a visit to the new Tip Tap Room, Brian Poe’s paean to protein on Beacon Hill. The restaurant occupies the old Shangri La space, and it’s been spiffed up considerably: Windows now open onto the sidewalk, the dining room is painted a soothing orange, and enormous hunks of meat fly out of the kitchen at a rapid rate. When we visited, the place was packed and a bouncer attempted to tell us that the dining room was at capacity. Yet nothing could keep us from our meat: We soldiered on and feasted with abandon. A look at some of our favorite dishes, ahead.

A chipper server offered up his personal cheat-sheet cocktail list, as theirs hasn’t been formalized yet. 
It’s enough to make any devoted dieter weep with longing: Fried goat cheese balls with duck-fat fried proscuitto “cracklins,” grilled asparagus tips (healthy!), and carrot-ginger sauce. 
Here now, carbs as you’ve never seen them before. In this gut-busting app, potato wedges come topped with seven bacon tips, beer-cheese sauce, fried oysters, and pickled serrano pico (for good measure). 
A favorite of the night: Figs pumped full of pancetta and blue cheese, with a glaze of burnt balsamic butter. 
Katafi & nori fried shrimp with cucumber salad and chile ginger sauce. We haven’t even looked at the entrees yet!
A handsome swordfish dressed in a salsa of artichoke, olive, tomatoes, bell peppers and parsley. We swapped mashed potatoes for quinoa; haricot verts add virtuousity while citrus-herb cream adds calories.
This is an Ethiopian ostrich. He or she tastes like a slightly salty steak.
Somehow it was possible to save room for a towering heap of bread pudding jazzed up with whiskey caramel.
Meat Madness: A Night at Poe’s Tip Tap Room