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Playa Launching Baja Chef Series in September

Tacos Kokopelli
Tacos Kokopelli Photo: Life & Food Blog

There are things that make you go “Hmmmm” and things that make you go “Orale!” This one is definitely for the latter category, as John Sedlar’s Playa announces a new Baja guest chef series, planned for September. Sedlar is inviting in three of the chefs that formed the highlight of this year’s Street Food Fest to cook for three nights each on different dates at his Beverly restaurant.

The first event will find mariscos mistress and salsa sorceress, Sabina Banderas of Ensenada’s 51-year-old seafood stand La Guerrerense (winner of the Street Food Fest’s “Best in Show”), bringing her team to L.A. from September 16-18 to showcase their unrivaled approach to Mexico’s maritime bounty, with dishes that include sea urchin, Pismo clam, and sea snail tostadas and cocteles with salsa using her chilies from her own garden.

The following Sunday, ground-breaking Manzanilla chef Benito Molina will cook from September 23-25, preparing the cuisine that has vaulted him to the top of the list of Mexico’s great fine-dining talents.

The next week, from September 30 to October 2, Tijuana’s upstart sensation Tacos Kokopelli (booby prize winner at the Street Food Fest) will bring its pedigreed chef, Guillermo Campos Moreno, and crew to Beverly, preparing their elevated take on tacos and street food with dishes like halibut ceviche with sour cactus fruit and queso panela with oja santa, tomatillo, and chapulines.

Each restaurant and chef will offer an a la carte menu of their own creation, with dishes projected to be priced between five and eighteen bucks. Whether you know Baja like the back-of-your-hand or your idea of good Mexican food is Rosa Mexicano, you’re going to want to get on this with reservations at 323-933-5300.

Playa Launching Baja Chef Series in September