Petite Syrah to Become Three Squares Cafe

Petite Syrah
Petite Syrah Photo: BiteClub

Late last month, chef-owner Josh Silvers announced that he was closing Santa Rosa’s Petite Syrah with plans to open a healthier option in its location at Railroad Square. The property has gone through a couple of name changes since opening in 1999. The original concept, Syrah, focused on wine country classics like foie gras, Liberty Duck and Dungeness Crab Cakes before Silvers revamped the space a couple of years ago as Petite Syrah, which was centered around rich foods, such as foie gras and pork belly.

After recently losing 40 pounds, Silvers is centering the concept of the forthcoming Three Squares Cafe on hearty, comfort food. Menu items will include prime rib and fried chicken, red flannel hash, omelets, Hangtown fry, oyster po boys and burgers and butterscotch pudding and pies.

Although some would argue that the menu doesn’t exactly sound like waistline-friendly cuisine, the idea of comfort food comes from an era when watching your figure meant enjoying one’s food in smaller portions rather than cutting the fat — and the joy.

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Petite Syrah to Become Three Squares Cafe