Lonesome, Ladies? Eat up!

Lookin' good, Gwyneth.
Lookin’ good, Gwyneth.

Stressed men seek large ladies, according to a new British study reported by the Atlantic. “Eighty-one heterosexual male college students were recruited as subjects, and half were subjected to one of the most stressful situations possible for a college student: a mock job interview,” they report. The result? A longing for flesh.

“When stressed, British college boys find heavier women to be more attractive than they otherwise would,” the study concludes. So, love-lorn ladies, the solution is clear: Eat with reckless abandon and consider a job in human resources.

Stressed British boys might also consider relocating to the United States, where 50 percent of us will be obese by 2030.

Study: Stressed Men Seek Larger Women [Atlantic]

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Lonesome, Ladies? Eat up!