Neal Fraser and Michael Cimarusti Cooking Together at Strand House, September 10

Cimarusti Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

This powerful culinary combo is a little like Dylan and The Dead. Anyone? Okay, well it’s still pretty damned thrilling. On September 10, Neal Fraser is inviting seafood sifu Michael Cimarusti to come in to The Strand House to cook a collaborative five-course menu to pair with wines from NorCal’s Quintessa and Flowers Vineyard. The evening is a continuation of Strand House’s Master Chef Dinner series in Manhattan Beach, which will include a cocktail-pairing dinner with Jose Garces on October 1, an Opus One release event with Jonathan Waxman on October 22, and a Grgich Hills dinner with Ben Ford in November.

The Fraser-Cimarusti collaboration costs $100 just for dinner, (with 20% service charge and tax) and an extra $50 to pair wine with each course. See the guys’ five-course menu below and have full faith it will be more successful than the time Hendrix played with Jim Morrison**. Reservations at 310-545-7470.


- Wild Day-Boat Menemsha Fluke with Lone Daughter Ranch Oro Blanco, Cucumber and Soy Salt

- Hokkaido Scallop with Chanterelles, Brown Butter, Nori, Hazelnuts and Petit Haricot Vert

- Cold Smoked Wild King Salmon with Crispy Potato, Champagne and Fine Herbs

- Tasting of Pork featuring Braised Cheek, Grilled Loin, and Crispy Leg Served with Spatzle, Carrots and Violet Mustard

- Crème Fraîche, Sable Breton with Financier, Chestnut Jam and Vanilla Mousse

(**which is so not safe for work, we wouldn’t even think of linking to it)

Neal Fraser and Michael Cimarusti Cooking Together at Strand House, September 10