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Mitsuwa Spawns a Fish Hot Dog

Mitsuwa's fish dog
Mitsuwa’s fish dog Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

You can probably tell that we spend a lot of time shopping at Mitsuwa Market in Mar Vista. Who can really blame us, given that one never knows what they may find on the shelves, the food court’s usually popping, and that the right basketful of ingredients helped turn Adam Fleischman into a very rich man. Anyway, on a mission for salted plum onigiri and a package of raw chicken yesterday, we stumbled across this beauty: a fish hot dog. Now, we’ve heard of people catching fish with hot dogs before, but this was the first dog made of fish we’d ever seen.

The thing was all pre-packed with the ketchup and mustard, looking about as close to a Dodger Dog as seafood has probably ever come. Priced at just $2.50, it was quickly snatched up and surprisingly tasted pretty damned good. Not a Slaw Dog or nothing, and no snap in the skin, but strangely tasting more like pork than fish and plump with juice, with a a near-crisp, wrinkled wiener skin on the outside

In any case, it was better than many encased amalgams of swine battyholes and pig eyelids found around town, and no doubt better for you, even if we never quite uncovered exactly what kind of fish spared its life to go tubular.

Mitsuwa Spawns a Fish Hot Dog