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Meatball, Glendale’s Favorite Bear, Betrayed By a Happy Meal

Can't truss 'em, Meatball
Can’t truss ‘em, Meatball Photo: cod_gabriel/Flickr

On Monday, Squid Ink dropped its list of L.A.’s favorite meatballs, forgetting the very one hibernating at the center of our hearts: Meatball the Bear, whose adorable antics in Glendale and La Canada have quickly become the stuff of urban ursine legend, even being given a Twitter handle and a new Armenian surname. This week, the bear was nabbed again by authorities, who trapped him before he could swipe anyone’s Labor Day pic-a-nic basket. This is Meatball’s “third-strike,” a fish-and-game spokesman tells the media. But rather than just beat him half-to-death like LAPD is doing to everyone else around here these days, the officials employed the very same lure they once used to put that dastardly Hamburglar behind bars.

Yes, Meatball was drawn into a trap using bacon, honey, and a cheeseburger Happy Meal, hopefully with the free toy choking-hazard removed. Sadly, poor Meatball is soon to be moved to Supermax a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, where he will live out his days trading cigarettes for Happy Meals.

Anyway, we’ll miss you, you big lug. Thanks for not ripping anyone apart.

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Meatball, Glendale’s Favorite Bear, Betrayed By a Happy Meal