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Hollywood Artist Claims Responsibility for ‘Tastes Like Hate’ Graffiti

The scene of the crime
The scene of the crime Photo: Sandy Mazza/Daily Breeze

South Bay police may be able to go back to their donuts and coffee already, as the search for an activist artist who illegally painted on Torrance’s Chick-fil-A last week may have already ended. A Hollywood resident named Manny Castro is claiming responsibility for the piece, which depicted a cow and the words “Tastes Like Hate,” telling HuffPo, “I’m against what these people stand for, what this company stands for.” Of course, there’s no confirmation yet that Castro actually did pull off the stunt, nor any clear cut reason why he wouldn’t have hit the West Hollywood Chick-fil-A near his own neighborhood, instead of venturing so far south.

There’s always a chance that the artist, who is gay himself, could just be trying to drum up attention for his painting career, something that should be clarified by an ongoing police probe into his claims. One thing does appear likely, however, by Castro’s quick admission that he was responsible for the caper: That he’s about as good at getting away with a Chick-fil-A crime as he is at painting chicks.

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Hollywood Artist Claims Responsibility for ‘Tastes Like Hate’ Graffiti