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Little Baby’s Ice Cream Opens Today, Bringing Small Batch Frozen Treats and More to Frankford Avenue

Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby’s Ice Cream Photo: Collin Keefe

With the Weekly’s cover putting the owners’ faces practically on every corner of the city this week, plus mentions yesterday on Gawker and Buzzfeed about their latest video, there’s no doubt that there’s been a tremendous buzz building up for Little Baby’s Ice Cream. And it’s likely to continue blowing up today as founders Pete Angevine, Jeff Ziga and Martin Brown unveil the ice cream start-up’s highly anticipated fixed location on Frankford Avenue. The cozy shop’s eye-popping interior was designed by local artist Jason Hsu, who hangs his hat at Space 1026. “We’ve all been working on this for many months, and it’s really exciting to see it, well, not on a computer, but in real life,” co-owner Pete Angevine told Grub Street. “It really came out just as we had hoped.”

Angevine added that the shop came to life at just the right time too. In recent months they’ve quadrupled the size of their fleet of ice cream dispensing tricycles, and set up semi-permanent spots at Union Transfer and Morgan’s Pier. Plus they’ve added retail partners, and make stops at Night Market, Garden Variety and the ilk. With all of that, Angevine and his partners are producing 12 to 15 times more ice cream than this time last year, and needed the new location’s larger ice cream-making facilities to keep up.

Now with everything up and running, the Little Baby’s crew are introducing new flavors, and options that go beyond simply serving cones and cup. Maryland Barbecue is one of latest flavors that partner Martin Brown came up with for the shop’s debut. “It’s Old Bay and barbecue sauce,” Angevine said. “It kind of tastes like you’re eating crabs and ribs at the same time.”

Another new flavor, sour cherry and honey, he describes as one of their “subtle adult flavors.”

“We have a couple that are kind of waiting in the wings,” Angevine added. “But we’re trying to roll them out a little slow.”

Speculoos, which mimics the flavors of the Belgian Christmas cookie of the same name, is one of Little Baby’s new all-vegan flavors. Also making their debut at the ice cream parlor are ice cream sandwiches and shakes. They too are available in vegan and non-vegan varieties.

For tonight’s grand opening festivities, Little Baby’s is pulling out all of the stops. They’ve enlisted bands, DJs, face-painting clowns, and even a barber, who will provide complimentary shape-ups from the back of a van parked out front. Pitruco will also be on hand, serving up its wood-fired pizzas. The Yumtown truck will be there too. The fun gets underway at 5 p.m.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, 2311 Frankford Avenue, (267) 687-8567

Little Baby’s Ice Cream Opens Today, Bringing Small Batch Frozen Treats