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Katy Perry Kicks It at Disneyland’s Elitist Dinner Club; Taylor Lautner Bares Abs at Craig’s

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Prefers mouse-ears Photo: Oouinouin via Flickr

When it comes to epic tales of celebrity dining in L.A., it’s pretty hard to rival Chateau Marmont kicking Lindsay Lohan out and banning her over the thousands of dollars of Freaky Friday residuals she racked up in two months at her mini-bar. Nonetheless, this week Katy Perry pulled pretty much the polar opposite of that move, with a wholesome visit to Disneyland’s secret, members-only Club 33 restaurant. Meanwhile Emma Stone pulled this week’s “I’m a down-to-earth because I didn’t wear makeup” routine over a lunch-date at Sushi Park, as Taylor Lautner looked better than the rest of the douche-buckets with their shirts half unbuttoned at Craig’s, and Justin Bieber ate a club sandwich at Cafe Luxe and probably said something like, “yo son, this sandwich is the shiz, yo” to his bodyguard. Take in all the majesty below, and have a great holiday weekend. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Café Luxe: Justin Bieber hung out in the back room last Sunday, eating a club sandwich. [GS]

Club 33: Katy Perry hung out at that secret Disneyland restaurant. [HuffPo]

Craig’s: Taylor Lautner bared his abs over dinner. Turtle from Entourage also came by with David Cassidy’s daughter, his girlfriend. [Perez Hilton]

Real Food Daily: Anne Hathaway had a side of PDA with her vegan eats. [Radar]

Sushi Park: Emma Stone skipped the makeup for lunch last week. [Just Jared]

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air: Kim Kardashian partied with two girlfriends this past Sunday, before spending the rest of the night drunk-texting us. [GS]

Katy Perry Kicks It at Disneyland’s Elitist Dinner Club; Taylor Lautner Bares