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Gordon Ramsay Sues a Person He’s Already Sued, Who Once Sued Him

Getting his money right
Getting his money right Photo: Gordon Ramsay Submissions/Flickr

Oh god, here we go again with this guy: Gordon Ramsay, unable to ease into a short period of relative peace with the help of some $38 million in earnings, is suing someone again. This time, it’s not a member of his own family, but a former business partner named Danny Lavy, the CEO of product manufacturer Elite Group Inc., whose Sensio division holds a sub-license in North America for Ramsay’s “Everyday” line of Kmart crap (got all that?). The suit basically involves Lavy and Ramsay agreeing by letter to a supposed binding agreement that Ramsay now wants to clarify is non-binding so he can share in the profits. Or something like that. Like all malcontents, Ramsay’s drama goes deeper.

In fact, the Daily Mail notes that this past February, Ramsay was ousted as a consultant for Lavy’s Laurier BBQ restaurant amid claims he was being bootless, a move that found the chef (surprise!) already suing the dude for $2.75 million. So, this is probably just Gordo sticking it to the guy over sour grapes.

In fact, Lavy has also already tried to sue Ramsay in the past over the same split, but a judge struck it down. So maybe this is just what rich guys do with their friends to pass some time. (Don’t say you weren’t warned, David Beckham.)

Oh, but let’s not also forget that Ramsay has a new show premiering on Fox next week — so is the timing of this latest bit of legal chest-puffing really just timed to drum up some PR? Well let you (or a judge) make the call there.

Knives are out as Gordon Ramsay sues former business partner over kitchenware [Daily Mail UK via Eater]

Gordon Ramsay Sues a Person He’s Already Sued, Who Once Sued Him