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Echo Park’s Taix To Be Honored With a Street Name

Taix Photo: Taix

Echo Park’s trusty, crusty old Taix could be reaching a new level of street fame. The Taix brothers-founded French restaurant is turning 85 this year and City Councilman Eric “El Trece” Garcetti is proposing that the intersection of Sunset and Park Avenue, where the restaurant has stood since 1962, be named “Taix Square” in its honor. Here’s what El Garco had to say.

In a statement, Garcetti snaps his fingers, notes the spot’s landmark status, and declares, “I THEREFORE MOVE that the intersection of West Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue in Echo Park be named “TAIX Square” and direct the Department of Transportation to erect permanent ceremonial signage to this effect.”

We suppose that’s the least the city can offer a bar that got everyone buzzed for baseball games long before the local sectarian strife over $175 steaks reared its head. Still, citing other old fogies still shuffling in the ‘hood, the Eastsider wonders if this move paves the way for the likes of “a Brite Spot Plaza” or Barragan’s Boulevard.

If Echo Park gets a Taix Square, will Brite Spot Plaza be far behind? [ESLA]

Echo Park’s Taix To Be Honored With a Street Name