Falafill’s Got Lolla Tix; Get Your Madonna On; Indie Burger Dessert Connection; Rijsttafel Returns

Indie Burger
Indie Burger Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

We know, you’re wondering what it will mean if you skip both Chick Fil-A and Chick Fil-Gay Day and just order a pizza. But there are other things happening in the world of food, we have the inbox to prove it. Here are some things to know about, starting with: Lollapalooza may be double-super-sold out, but Falafill, which will be one of the vendors in Chow Town, has a pair of three-day passes to give away (plus they’re throwing in a $75 gift card)— just go to their site and enter online to win by midnight tonight. In other Falafill-related news, this month’s guest chef falafel-wrap maker is the always-cool Jason Hammel of Lula Cafe, whose wrap has corn, pickled pistachios, smoked Sun Gold tomato relish, crispy fried kale and honey labneh (a middle-eastern cheese). Proceeds will benefit Pilot Light, a nutrition-in-schools program Hammel and other chefs founded.

• How do you plan to celebrate Madonna’s 54th birthday? It’ll be way more than just Chick-Fil-Gay Day at Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club Thursday night, as impersonator Diva Sunny Dee Lite brings you the best of all dozen Material Girl albums, martinis go for half price, and there are giveaways including a pair of tickets to her upcoming United Center show. Make reservations at 773-525-1111.

• Indie Burger, the cheerfully green burger spot on Belmont, has a couple of announcements: one, that they’re now getting their breads and desserts from West Town Bakery & Diner, formerly the Bleeding Heart Bakery West Town. Which is where they got them before, but now they want you to be sure to know that they will have desserts available all the time, which right now are a Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookie and vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. They’ve also added a Turkey BLT in honor of National Sandwich Month (because Americans don’t eat enough sandwiches), which uses a housemade beef bacon and organic turkey and rye bread and sounds pretty great.

• So Chrissy Camba took a break from Vincent and is, or was, backpacking Europe or something, and the new executive chef is Adam Grandt, who has been at Carlos and Sage Grill. But two of Camba’s events will continue at the Dutch-influenced restaurant this month. One is the monthly rijsttafel, a Dutch-Indonesian smorgasbord, put on at the restaurant by the mother and son team The Rice Table; the next one is this Sunday, and it’s $50 per person at Vincent or here. Later the same night will be the latest in Vincent’s cheeky “industry night” Koffeeshops, which follow the particular Amsterdam meaning of Koffeeshop, if you catch our drift. Steve Dolinsky just happens to have a video report today on the rijstaffel here.

Falafill’s Got Lolla Tix; Get Your Madonna On; Indie Burger Dessert Connection;