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Dylan’s Candy Bar Opens September 9 at The Grove

Dylan's Lollipop Tree
Dylan’s Lollipop Tree Photo: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Sweetening its story with all the appropriate Veruca Salt references, L.A. Weekly reports that Dylan’s Candy Bar is grand-opening next week at The Grove, with a party limited to almost-famous attendees like Kris Jenner, Apolo Ohno, and other svelte stars who probably don’t appreciate candy as much as our fat asses do. Dylan’s Candy Bar is a notable candy and sweets emporium from New York founded by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren (nee Lipschitz, which wouldn’t really fit the name of a candy store). The 1,200-square-foot space is crammed to the rafters with candy for sale and used in its look. It’s just the kind of place you actually want to waste time in at the mall, whether or not you really need soft-ball sized Jawbreakers in your life.

Need a Mitt Romney wind-up doll that poops Jelly Beans? They’ve got you covered. Angry Birds and Glee-themed sweets? Done. Mustache elixir? Duh.

In addition to retail candy of the vintage, contemporary, and exotic kind, the New York store has its own brand of candy bars and popcorn, along with a sundae bar, candy cafe, cloyed-up cocktails, and chocolate fountain, though we’re yet to see what’s in store for our own city (ask Janet Jackson). After springing on The Big Caramel Apple in 2001, Dylan’s expanded to locations in The Hamptons and Houston, and is currently opening in Miami, as well.

Will it succeed at Rick Caruso’s complex where fellow fetching rich kid-turned-confectionery-entrepreneur, Allyson Ames, failed? We’d bet our three golden molars on it.

Dylan’s Candy Shop opens to the public on September 9 at The Grove, 6333 W. Third St. Mid-City.

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Dylan’s Candy Bar Opens September 9 at The Grove