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Five Places Where Tonight’s Diner En Blanc Might Take Place

Dinner En Blanc at New York's Lincoln Center
Dinner En Blanc at New York’s Lincoln Center Photo: Melissa Hom

Diner En Blanc, the flash mob dinner dealy that’s sent thousands en masse, white-garbed and hungry, scrambling through the streets of cities around the globe in search of the guerilla picnic’s secret location, touches down in Philly tonight. It’s long been booked solid, and the 1,300 confirmed for it won’t know its whereabouts until they get a text from its organizers minutes before it begins tonight. That sense of not knowing is killing us here at Grub, so we’ve taken upon ourselves this afternoon to come up with some possible locations where it might take place. Keep reading to see what we came up with, and if you have your own hunch, chime in and let us know.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Since Monday’s New York edition of Dinner En Blanc went down at Lincoln Center, it only seems like a no brainer. Save for the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, which are both totally out of the question, PMA is perhaps Philly’s most iconic setting. There’s ample room, and its sort of centrally located and very visible to the rest of the city.

Schuylkill Banks
Though tucked away along the river’s edge, this greenway and park is easily accessible, spacious and will be cast in a stunning golden glow as the sun sets over West Philly.

Race Street Pier
The city’s other river also presents a perfect possible location.

Love Park
It’s a bit on the small side, the centrally located and highly visible park seems like a no-brainer. But its also an awfully obvious choice too.

Independence Visitor Center
Directly in line with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the large swath of grass next to the Visitor Center seems like it could work. There’s ample access to public transportation, and offers sight lines from all sides. Surely if it’s good enough for Philly Beer Week’s Opening Tap ceremonies, it’s good enough for Diner En Blanc.

Five Places Where Tonight’s Diner En Blanc Might Take Place