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Sure, Soup Is Good, But Will It Ever Be Hip?

Mmm, mmm good
Mmm, mmm good Photo: Campbell’s Soup Company

Following its efforts to tap into young America’s “restless spirits” and “adventurous tastes” with the rollout of food-truck-inspired soups, the marketing department at Campbell’s Soup Company is upping the hipster ante again this weekend with a new line of its stock-in-trade that’s packaged to look like Andy Warhol’s iconic pop-art masterwork. According to the Business Journal, the limited edition — well, 1.2 million were made, so don’t expect hand-numbering on the cans — coincides with the 50th anniversary of the unveiling of Warhol’s most famous pieces. It’s also the second of a dozen product launches that the soup-maker has lined up to help boost its sagging sales. They go on sale Sunday at Target locations all over the U.S.

Clever? Absolutely! But will the ploy actually work? In the short term, most likely. Die-hards, collectors, and those looking to turn a quick buck on eBay will surely gobble up the cans. In a broader sense though, it’s doubtful. America’s young and hip, especially those with an affinity for Warhol’s now seemingly quaint work, are most likely too sophisticated and equally skeptical to get caught up in such a blatant marketing scheme. And surely those restless spirits don’t shop at Target. Nice try, though.

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Sure, Soup Is Good, But Will It Ever Be Hip?