Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ Shuttered in Palms

Bubba Cerrado
Bubba Cerrado Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Something about the name may have tipped you off even before it opened, but the day has arrived when we see Bubba Diego’s in Palms is finally signed, sealed, and shuttered. This means that its co-joined sister, Crossroads BBQ, is also down for the count with signage and papered over windows forecasting a “remodeling” that’s still in place since last spring.

Fans of the restaurants, which didn’t even live to see a first birthday, have been confused for some time now by deals and Twitter messages still being offered by the two-headed joint, unaware that the specials and tweets are automatically, repeatedly sent, kind of like when your long-gone friend’s Facebook page still pops up in the margins as someone you should “poke.”

Until further notice, both restaurants, which stagnated at a three and a half star rating on Yelp for both its barbecue and Mexican food, are indeed closed. Oh well, at least Vicente Fox came to the table.

Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ Shuttered in Palms