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Local Movie Theaters Getting Boozy Overhauls

Still tee-totaling for now
Still tee-totaling for now Photo: Kevittivity via Flickr

Gone are the days when a Snapple bottle two-thirds full of Jack was your only imbibing option at the movies. Today’s theaters are finally catching on, albeit about 100 years later, to the fact that the silver screen goes great with a Grey Goose. The Wrap reports that West Hollywood’s Sunset 5, famous for its more artistic showings, was recently scooped up by Robert Redford’s Sundance Group and will re-open this Friday as Sundance Cinemas, following a nine month closure. Joining other full-service film venues like Hollywood’s ArcLight, Pasadena’s OneColorado, and Westwood’s Landmark, Sundance Cinemas will come with higher ticket prices, along with the sale of improved food, plus beer and wine (Twilight fans will still have to come strapped with spiked Snapple, as it’s only for screenings attended by the 21 and older crowd).

Apparently, Sundance is not the only move theater getting in on the alcoholic action around here, as Westwood’s AvCo Theater will soon be rejiggered by iPic, the same company that raised the roof on One Colorado with $29 tickets prices, seat-side meal service, and liquor, with plans to reopen in early 2013 with more of the same. Elsewhere, we see that Marina del Rey’s currently under re-construction AMC Loews Marina 6 Theater is also due to have a full dining and drinking experience when it reopens sometime next year as part of the mall’s zillion-dollar remodel.

It’s nice to have the option, of course, for a stiff drink while zoning out over a movie, though it obviously bodes badly for the guy who keeps checking his cell phone during the flick, potentially pissing off a bunch of piss-drunk filmies who just paid $29 for a single ticket.

Sundance’s Sunset 5 Makeover Joins New Boozy, Comfy - Pricey - L.A. Theater Trend [The Wrap]

Local Movie Theaters Getting Boozy Overhauls